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  • Fear and the Coronavirus March 25, 2020
    In a time of uncertainty, we are all susceptible to fear or a loss of peace. Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne Louh helps us to remember the truth of God and the role of faith.
  • Fast from Anger, Feast on Peace March 11, 2020
    Fr. Nick and Pres. Roxanne discuss the spiritual side of our fasting during Great Lent.
  • Fight Nice! February 26, 2020
    In part 2 of the Louh's episodes on healthy relationships, Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne give us some practical tips on how to get along with our spouses especially when disagreements arise.
  • Promises and Relationships February 12, 2020
    Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne Louh give us some very practical input on making and fulfilling promises in our relationships.
  • Becoming a Parent January 29, 2020
    Orthodox Doula Laura Jansson joins the Louh''s from Oxford in the UK to talk about those very early days of parenthood. Laura is the author of the newly published book from Ancient Faith entitled Fertile Ground: A Pilgrimage Through Pregnancy.
  • Filled with Less January 15, 2020
    The Louhs interview Molly Sabourin, one of the individuals behind the "Filled with Less" movement, a ministry of Holistic Christian Life.