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Archive for April 2017

Knowing Each Other

Do you ever wonder what your partner or child is really thinking about? Who they really are and what they truly feel about their life? It’s amazing what you can learn when you stop to ask a few open ended questions. Communication is such a hot topic in if you were to research what makes…

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Thinking About Our Thinking

I spoke to a woman today who was feeing frustrated by her irritability with her teenage daughter. She stated that no matter what her daughter did, she found herself snapping at her. I asked her to try to pause the very next time she was about to snap and ask herself, “What was just going…

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Storms of Life

Have you ever pulled up a stream of texts from someone you haven’t spoken to in a while? What did your conversation look like at that time? How has your life changed since then? Are your worries today, the same as they were then? It’s amazing how God works in our life over time to…

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