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Archive for March 2017

Worry and Fear

I used to read a book to my children when they were young, simply entitled, “We’re going on a bear hunt.” It was about a family literally going on a bear hunt, very repetitive, but quite catchy. The story took the family through many different terrains, some of them more challenging than others, all with…

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Slowing Down

Funny, I heard it said the other day that when asked how we are doing? The new “fine,” has become, “busy, but good.” This truly resonated with me, because I find myself uttering that exact statement more often than not. I find myself frequently wishing I had just a little more time in my day…

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Healing Is Hard Isn’t It?

Have you ever felt like someone has wronged you? I mean really wronged you. Reacted angrily when you felt you just didn’t’ deserve it? Treated you in a way that  felt completely unjust? When these moments happen, we are just filled with righteous indignation. Our mind attaches itself to the wrong, and just like beading…

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I always knew that my career as a psychologist was going to be a blessing in my life, after all I had always wanted to help people.  But one thing I did not expect was how much of a blessing it was going to be in my own life. Working on other people’s happiness has…

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